Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Pebble

I don't know for a fact that this happened this winter, but it is entirely possible.

Ok, this is actually hail, not a pebble; its the most pertinent rock-like picture I can find in my collection at the moment, so pretend with me.  

1. There was a pebble.

2. The pebble was dumped into the sand/plow truck on a wintry day.

3. The pebble was sprinkled onto our road for traction.

4. The pebble was scooped up into a toy dump truck by a snowsuited preschooler desperately missing his summer sandbox.

5. The pebble was pocketed by a snowsuited preschooler.

6. The pebble was carried up to the bathtub by a cold, muddy preschooler.

7. The pebble was mixed into the dirty clothes pile on the bathroom floor.

8. The pebble was dumped into the washing machine.

9. The pebble, clean and wet, also got a ride in the dryer.

10. The pebble fell out on the laundry room floor.

11. The pebble was discovered and turned into pirate ship treasure.

12. The pebble rolled under the piano as the toy pirate ship trundled past.

13. The pebble was found by baby.

14. The pebble was fished out of baby's mouth.

15. The pebble was chucked out the door and landed on the porch.

16. The pebble got embedded in the boot tread of a kindergardener.

17. The pebble fell out of the boot on the minivan floor.

18. The pebble was mistaken for a cheerio by a toddler.

19. The pebble was spit into carseat.

20. The pebble got kicked out onto the grocery store parking lot.

21. The pebble got stuck in the van tire tread as it backed away.

22. The pebble was driven to Main Street and dislodged.

23. The pebble was swept up by the street sweeper truck several months later.

24. The pebble was added to the town's winter sand pile.

25. The pebble was dumped into a sand/plow truck on a wintry day...

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  1. I just want to put it out there that THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT PICTURE BOOK! I'd be happy to illustrate it for you :)