Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inventions for Little Children Made by Childless Folks

(I can testify personally to the insanity of all of these creations experienced at least once over the last 6 years of my child-rearing journey.  If these are news to you... Consider yourself warned.)

1.  Beautiful, fragile, pop-up books.

2.  Toys with no "off" button.

3.  Toys with no volume control.

4.  Boats that aren't watertight.  (Did they truly not imagine these were going straight into a bathtub?)

5.  Cheap water guns with fill holes too small for water to get in.

6.  Rainboots for babies.

7.  Red food dye.

8.  Happy meal toys.

9.  Automatic bubble blowers that aren't water resistant.

10. The whole candy selection below four feet in the grocery store check out lane.

11. Ipods.

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